Hiking trails in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon boasts several hiking trails throughout its stunning and colourful pinnacles. The trails are classified as easy, moderate and strenuous with different length and duration, and they all start from the overlooks next to the main road. 

We hiked on the Queen’s/Navajo combination loop 

Starting from Sunrise Point (bus stop 8), the trail descends into the heart of the Amphitheater area through the Queen’s Garden trail amidst the bizarre hoodoos and rock formations.

The path is wide and well maintained, and the descent is relatively easy. In any case, you can retrace when you want and go back to the starting point.

Step by step, passing by the hoodoos, it is also quite common to go through curious small tunnels, obviously not natural but made by man a long time ago.

At some point along the path, you’ll meet the rock formation known as Queen Victoria…we have to be honest…even though we used our imagination…we could not see in the rock shape the historic sovereign…anyways this hoodoo was spectacular.


Queens / navajo loop combination trail
Queen’s / Navajo loop combination trail

After that, you’ll finally get to the heart of the Queen’s Garden, where you’ll be amazed by some of the most spectacular hoodoos formations of all the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater.

Left behind you this fantastic scenery, the path becomes mostly flat and quite wide, passing through a wood until you get to the bottom of the Navajo loop.

Here you’ll find a brown sign that marks the two branches of the Navajo loop; taking the path on your right, you’ll get to Sunset point, passing through “Two bridges” wheres on your left you’ll pass through the spectacular “Wall Street,” a narrow canyon with high walls.

Queens / navajo loop combination trail
Queen’s / Navajo loop combination trail

We suggest proceeding on the left path through the ‘’Wall Street’’ that is the culminating point of the entire ascent. The last part of the rise is quite steep, but the trail is well levelled, and the beauty of the landscape worth the effort! 

Bryce canyon - Navajo Trail
Bryce Canyon – Navajo Trail

Need to Know about Queen’s/Navajo loop combination

The total length of the loop is 4.6 km/2.9 miles: from Sunrise point to Queen’s garden is 1.4 km/0.9 miles, the flat path between Queen’s Garden and the bottom of Navajo loop is 1.3 km/0.8 miles and the last part to Sunset point is 1.1 km/0.7 miles. The paved trail from Sunset Point to Sunrise point is 800 meters/0.5 miles, but you can skip it by taking the shuttle free bus.  

Queens / navajo loop combination trail
Queens / Navajo loop combination trail

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