Driving north-west from Kampala to Murchinson Falls National Park, it is worth a visit to  Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Here a Rhino trekking to watch the endangered white rhino is a must and above all this is the only place in Uganda where they still survive and breed with the hopes of one day to be reintroduced to Murchinson Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park when they increase in numbers.

Rhino is one of the famous African ‘’Big Five’’ and before 1980s Uganda was habitat of over 600 rhinos, but, unfortunately, due to the massive poaching and the civil war, the number of these big mammals reduced significantly year by year, until 1983 when the last sighting was reported. In 2005, by an initiative of two organizations, Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority, it started a project to re-introduce the extinct rhinos in Uganda and aims to increase its numbers with years. At the moment the ”Sanctuary’‘ is home of 21 rhinos in total with 15 adults and 6 young  with the last ones being born in 26 July 2017 by name “Apache”and in 26 august 2017 by name “Madam”.

Rhinos resting at Sanctuary, Uganda
Rhinos resting at Sanctuary, Uganda

On arrival at the Reserve,  you will be given a briefing from your ranger guide on how to behave while on this Rhino trek. After the briefing, the ranger will guide you through the bush to the location of the rhinos. Usually it takes 1 hour but it depends on the location of these wild animals and you can also stay a maximum of one hour in their presence. Sometimes different families are within distance of each other, in which case you will get an opportunity to visit more than one group.

Rhinos resting at Sanctuary, Uganda
Rhinos resting at Sanctuary, Uganda

While at the Sanctuary you may also encounter a range of other wildlife species including Uganda kobs, oribis, bush bucks, water bucks among others and a number of other bird species.


Website: http://www.ziwarhino.com/

Getting there: the reserve is located in Nakasongola distric, about 170 km from kampala, along the Kampala – Masindi road.

Entrance fee: 45$

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