How to get the best view of Dubai

During a stay in Dubai, your holiday cannot be complete without a visit to the iconic Burj Khalifa. Standing at 828 meters, Burj Khalifa is truly an architectural marvel and with its 160 floors, is the world tallest building. It boasts 2 observation decks with an outdoor terrace with a breathtaking 360° view of the city, the Arabic Gulf and the desert that will leave you speechless.

Dubai, Burj Khalifa
Dubai, Burj Khalifa
  • The observation deck on Level 124 and 125 – At the Top

This is the original observatory, and the first opened to the visitors. It is the least expensive of the two and is reachable with one of the fastest elevators in the world in less than a minute. The observatory extends over 2 floors, the 124th and the 125th from where the view is fantastic. Large windows provide a 360° panorama over this vibrant city that stretches between golden dunes and the clear sea of the Arabic Gulf. The observatory includes an outdoor terrace with state-of-the-art digital telescopes that will allow you to see the city in real-time. Since Burj Khalifa is the top attraction of Dubai, it’s always crowded, and it takes around 1 hour and a half to complete the whole visit. There are no limitations on the duration of the tour to ”At The Top” deck, so take your time and enjoy this spectacular view!

Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa
Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa
  • The observation deck at Level 148 | Burj Khalifa Sky

Opened in October 2014, this impressive observatory is located on the 148th floor at a stunning height of 555 meters. It’s reachable taking a second elevator from the 124th floor, and the view is not very different from the one you enjoy from the lowest level. It’s visitable in combination with ”At the Top” deck, and obviously, the combo-ticket is more expensive. We have visited Burj Khalifa 3 times, and in our experience, the most breathtaking moment is during the late afternoon. The sun wraps Dubai with its orange glow, and the glittering lights start lighting this bustling city.

Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa
Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa

Need to Know about Burj Khalifa

1) How to get there

The ticket counter and the entrance of your visit are inside the iconic Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall, follow the indication to “At the Top experience”. The Dubai Mall is reachable catching the overground (the stop is Dubai Mall) or by taxi.

2) Opening time

5.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. (last entrance at 11 p.m.). Check out the Burj Khalifa official website because the opening time could change.

3) Where to buy the ticket

The easiest way is to buy your ticket with one of the several Platforms that you find through the web. The prices are pretty much the same as the official website, but they also offer good deals with the combo-ticket. In case you have questions or issues you can quickly contact the customer service, but above all, if you have to cancel your visit for any reasons, you can usually receive a 100% refund by cancelling the reservation up to 3 days before the date you chose.

We suggest you Musement, the one we used, an excellent online platform where you can easily find many activities like sightseeing tours, adventure activities, multiple day tours, alternative tours, attractions passes and much more.

Some of the Musement Burj Khalifa packages include:

Burj Khalifa ticket levels 124 and 125 – it’s the cheaper option and allows you to visit ”At The Top” observation deck;

Burj Khalifa fast-track ticket levels 124, 125 and 148 – it enables you to visit both the observation decks  escorted by a Guest Ambassador;

Burj Khalifa ticket with Dubai Aquarium – after visiting the At the top observation deck you’ll enjoy the fantastic Dubai aquarium walking through its underwater tunnel seeing over 480 aquatic species;

Burj Khalifa and the Lounge experience – Enjoy the view from the new Lounge spot at 575 meters from the ground on level 152,153 and 154 of Burj Khalifa. You can choose among 3 options: “Tea in the clouds”, “Cocktail sundowner” and “Cocktails under the stars”.

For more information and details, check on Burj Khalifa Musement packages.


Alternatively, tickets can also be purchased online via the official website or directly to “At the Top ticket office” located within the Dubai Mall. Obviously the price is always different and it depends on the time of your visit (early morning is cheaper) if you just visit the “At the Top-level” (124th-125th floors) or both levels (124th and 148th floors) if you choose General Admission or the Immediate Entry Admission (Fast Track Entry). Our tip is to always book in advance your ticket so that you can decide the best time for your visit end enjoy the best view of Dubai!

4) When to do your visit

First of all, do it! Doesn’t matter if morning or night, but with no doubt is an experience not to be missed. Anyway, if you can, the best moment for us is in the late afternoon before sunset. It is by far the most popular time slot and always requires reservations but during this moment you can first enjoy the view with the day-light and then with the glittering lights of the city and also the music-light show of the Dubai Fountains from above.

Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa
Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa
Dubai, Burj Khalifa At the Top deck
Dubai, Burj Khalifa “At the Top” deck
Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa
Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa

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