Located 120 km south of Ankara, on the way to Cappadocia, the Tuz Gölü, also called Tatta in antiquity, is a saline lake occupying a huge area in the arid central plateau of Turkey and provides over 60% of the country’s salt. Although it is the second largest lake in Turkey, it doesn’t contains a large amount of water, due to its shallowness.

Tuz Golu is one of the world’s lake with higher salinity and the salt can only be collected in the months of July and August when the lake dries. In fact during the summer, because of evaporation, the lake dries into a layer of salt of about 40 centimeters, covering the mud. In winter, when the weather is rainy, the water get together again, but in its deepest part does not exceed 1.5 – 2 meters.

Driving south along the E90, passing by the north east side of the Tuz Golu ( 100 mt before the junction with D757 ), there is the entrance at the site with a free parking and the Salt Museum. From here, take off your shoes and walk towards the water at first on the soft sand until it turn into a bright white salt.

Strolling in the shallow is very cool, the surface is clear as a mirror, the reflection of the clouds in the tinted water is amazing and the lake seems to go into infinity. Indeed, if you are traveling with your own rental car towards Cappadocia, this is a quick sto that is worth doing.

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