We have met many travellers who don’t think they need travel insurance or avoid buying it only to save a few money. That’s completely wrong!

Travel insurance is the most important thing you need on the road because you never know what could happen (if you want to know how to save money for your trips, click here).

Why is travel insurance essential?

First of all the travel insurance covers any injuries and illnesses (if you need to see a doctor or to be hospitalised but also if you need to be sent home) that might happen during a trip abroad. If you are a foreigner, the medical costs are often prohibitive, and with no doubt far higher than that of the travel insurance you should have bought.

The insurance also covers, for example, the stuff you take on the road, if your goods are stolen, electronics that break or stolen, trip cancellations that might occur and legal protection.

A long time ago, during one of our trips, we travelled with a guy that broke his hand during hiking, and he had to pay hundreds of dollars for medical care because he didn’t buy insurance!

Which Travel Insurance Should I Get?

There are hundreds of companies offering travel insurance. We have been travelling for a long time and have researched a lot of travel insurance providers over the years. We can not speak for others and choose for you, but we can tell you which is our favourite and why!

Our favourites are TrueTraveller and WorldNomads, two reliable insurances which can cover you in different ways. In our travel experience, we have always been satisfied with them: their customer service is very professional, they offer many options (more than most of the companies), the insurance can be bought and extended online while travelling but most important thing, if you’re already going and you need a guarantee, you can get covered!

TrueTraveller is one of the best value travel insurance but only available for the UK and European citizens. It’s advantageous because they allow you to purchase insurance when you are already travelling and don’t require a return ticket as many companies do.


WorldNomads is another excellent company which allows you to buy insurance when you are already abroad. They have excellent customer service, competitive prices, in-depth coverage and it is a really good choice for long-term travellers. Lonely Planet and National Geographic also recommend them, and we mostly use them for our trips.

We became aware of True Traveller and WorldNomads during one of our trip around the world in China when we forgot to get our travel insurance.

We weren’t covered in case of any accident, and we had been looking for days on the web trying to patch over because most of the insurances don’t give protection if you are already travelling.

In the end, we found True Traveller and World Nomads: two affordable companies that cover you even though you are already abroad

TrueTraveller and WorldNomads offer many different options so you can choose what it is more suitable for you: Trekking, One-way, Backpacker, Multi-trip, Already Travelling, Winter Sports, Scuba Diving, Delayed baggage, Emergency Overseas Medical, Pregnancy, Medical Repatriation, Overseas Dental, Travel Accidents, Baggage, Trip Cancellation, Travel Health, Stolen Credit Cards, Natural Disasters, Stolen Passports and many other things.

In any case remember: do not leave home without insurance to save a few dollars but enjoy your trip with peace of mind!


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