Congo (DRC), among the Mountain Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas tracking is one of the most amazing experience you can do in a life of trips,  something that you’ll keep in your heart forever. I ve had the luck to track these peaceful primates twice so far: i […]

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Mali, walking throughout the Bandiagara falaise with Dogon people

After loading our backpack on a small cart drawn by a donkey, we leave the village of Dourou walking towards the Bandiagara plateau. In the midst of this mountainous region, the Dogon population took refuge around the 12th century to […]

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Laos, trekking through Nam Ha protected area

nam ha forest laos

Nam Ha – Muang Sing One of the most interesting place of Laos is Nam Ha national protected Area in the northern province of Luang Namtha. It stretches from the Chinese border through the middle of Namtha province, covering over […]

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People of Gujarat (India)

Gujarat people, India

Gujarat is a wonderful region where it is still possible to see small tribes that preserve autonomy from the central government and remain bound to the village leader, having almost intact traditions and customs. A very beautiful area for its ethnic […]

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Yemen, a daily trip around the mountain villages

farmers at haraz mountains

Yemen, Shibam We start the morning by visiting the small town of Shibam of the nord, founded in the 1st century AD, located 2300 meters above the sea level, at the foot of Jabal Kawkaban. Here after visiting the ancient […]

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Ethiopia, Danakil depression: the land of the devil – Day 1

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Danakil, Logya – Lake Afrera (Day 1) We are so excited today, our trip towards the Danakil depression is starting. Finally we could see one of the most spectacular and inhospitable regions of the world, full of eye catching colors, […]

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People of Laos

Traditional dancers, Laos

Laos has about 47 different tribes with different traditions and customs: only half of the population is of lao ethnicity, native to the plain river valleys and closely related to the Lao people of northeastern Thailand. In the high lands, there […]

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Yemen, Marib: the old ruins of Sheba kingdom

ancient city of mareb

Yemen, Marib Yemen is a country rich in history and culture that offers a variety of incredible landscapes in a ”One Thousand and One Night’‘ atmosphere. One of the most mysterious and fascinating place is the ancient city of Marib. Marib, […]

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Mali, Djenne: the clay city

bath 3 3 e1514295318246

Mali, Djenne Mali is a fascinating destination full of surprising and interesting places although unfortunately in recent years it has not been possible to travel because of the internal situation that is not stable and at risk of terrorism. In […]

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