Uganda, Ziwa Sanctuary: a project to save the Rhinos

Driving north-west from Kampala to Murchinson Falls National Park, it is worth a visit to  Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Here a Rhino trekking to watch the endangered white rhino is a must and above all this is the only place in Uganda where […]

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Swaziland, a small but interesting country: what to do

img 4582 copia

If you are traveling around the east side of South Africa, surely it’s worth visiting Swaziland. It is crossed by four major rivers, making it one of Africa’s most fertile countries. The Lubombo plateau is the main farming area, while […]

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Laos, Kuang Si waterfall trip: feeling like in a fairy tale

kuang si falls laos

While i was surfing the web looking for information about Laos, my sight was drawn by fantastic pics: the Kuang Si waterfall. I immediately thought that i couldn’t miss this fascinating place. The waterfall is the biggest in the Luang […]

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