Syria, World Heritage monuments in danger

dsc01883 copia 3

These memories are dedicated to the wonderful Syrian people who are going through a difficult time, with the hope that they will soon come back to smile. During our trip, we visited and discovered the beauty  of the Syrian Unesco […]

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Turkey, 3 days in Istanbul

1 day Lying on the banks of the Bosphorus, meeting point between Europe and Asia, ancient city and capital of the Ottoman empire that came to threaten Europe, Istanbul is a charming city that fuses elements of many cultures in […]

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People of Yemen

shibam hadhramawt yemen

Nearly all of population is considered Arab, but Arabs are quite varied ethnically and over the years Yemen has been a destination for numerous people from multiple regions (most from East Africa) who have got married with locals. For that, […]

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People of Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan’s population of 5.3 million comprises three main ethnic groups: Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and Russians. In common with its neighbours in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan has a mixed population where most of th ethnic Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan live in the south, in the […]

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Yemen, hiking around Haraz mountains

al hajjara yemen

Yemen, Manakha One of the ”must do” excursions around Yemen it is definitely the one on Haraz Mountains, a spectacular area in the heart of the country, characterized by its villages perched on the majestic mountains surrounded by beautiful terrace […]

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Egypt travel tips: cruising the Nile River

pyramid and sphinx view

If you are looking for an alternative way to discover the country you should consider a cruise along the Nile. Most Nile cruises start in Luxor and visit the popular sites of Esna, Edfu and Kom Ombo before disembarking in Aswan (then […]

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Uae, Al Badiyah: the oldest Mosque in the Emirates

al badiyyah mosque fujairah

U.A.E., Fujairah  Nowadays, the United Arab Emirates are one of the most popular destinations for the tourists who are looking for a sensational experience.People want to visit UAE for the futuristic architecture, the extreme luxury, the possibility to ski in […]

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