Oman, trekking routes in Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams

Hiking through the Grand Canyon of Oman Jebel Shams, the “Sun Mountain” in Arabic, is the highest mountain in Oman at 3009 meters, situated in the heart of the Western Hajar Mountain chain. Here it’s possible to do amazing trekking […]

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USA, Death Valley must see

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What to see and do in the Death Valley Death Valley is one of the most known and suggestive National Park in the whole of North America. With its arid and desert landscape, wavy mountains, colorful canyons, craters, salt pinnacles […]

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Congo (DRC), among the Mountain Gorillas at Virunga National Park

Mountain Gorillas trekking is one of the most amazing experience you can have in your life,  something that you’ll keep in your heart forever. I’ve had the luck to track these peaceful primates twice so far: I first met them […]

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People of Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan’s population of 5.3 million comprises three main ethnic groups: Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and Russians. In common with its neighbours in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan has a mixed population where most of th ethnic Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan live in the south, in the […]

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Armenia Itinerary

ancient church armenia

The Biblical tradition places the Garden of Eden in Armenia, cradle of Christianity enclosed by Caucasus mountains. Home of ancient academies, cities carved into the rock, historic churches surrounded by the mountains, Armenia will surprise you with its friendly people and […]

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Rwanda Itinerary

Rwanda is a charming east african country surrounded by deep forests which after long years of civil war now it is relatively safe and accessible. Here you can enjoy the nature, the rich diversity of the place, the warmth of its people and […]

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