Senegal, Dakar: Goree island day trip

During your stay in Dakar, you can’t miss the visit of Goree Island, one of Senegal’s best known attractions and UNESCO World Heritage since 1978.  Situated only three kilometers from the coast, the Island was seized by the Portuguese, the […]

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China, Beijing: how to visit Badaling Great Wall

A tour around China is not completed if you don’t visit the Great Wall. This  majestic defensive structure winds up and down  like a huge snake across mountains, deserts, grasslands, stretching for almost 21.000 km from east to west of […]

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China, Shaoshan: the heart of the ‘’Red Tourism’’


Hunan Province – Shaoshan is a small town located 100 km from Changsha (the capital of Hunan Province) where Mao Zedong, the founder of the Peoples Republic of China was born and lived during a part of his life, therefore […]

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Turkey, 3 days in Istanbul

1 day Lying on the banks of the Bosphorus, meeting point between Europe and Asia, ancient city and capital of the Ottoman empire that came to threaten Europe, Istanbul is a charming city that fuses elements of many cultures in […]

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Ethiopia, Axum and Gondar: through the history of ethiopian Unesco heritage

ceremony in gondar ethiopia

Our trip through this amazing country keeps going on and we visit two UNESCO heritages, rich of culture and history: Axum and Gondar (Do you want to discover another beautiful Ethiopian Unesco Heritage?Click here). AXUM The first city, Axum, also […]

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Yemen, Marib: the old ruins of Sheba kingdom

ancient city of mareb

Yemen, Marib Yemen is a country rich in history and culture that offers a variety of incredible landscapes in a ”One Thousand and One Night’‘ atmosphere. One of the most mysterious and fascinating place is the ancient city of Marib. Marib, […]

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Jordan, Jerash: day through a roman ancient splendor

What to see and do in Jerash? Visiting the beautiful Roman city Thinking about Jordan, it tends to praise the splendor of Petra, forgetting other places really unique and particular scattered along the country, as in the case of Jerash, […]

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China Itinerary (Hunan & Guangxi)

China is very big country and there are so many places to visit there. In this itinerary we go to discover two southern regions: Hunan and Guangxi. Ancient cities, nature, hitorical places, temples and much more in this amazing adventure. […]

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China Itinerary

img 4435 copia 5

Gorgeous experience that, in 27 days, crosses three amazing countries as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China: starting from Khiva in Uzbekistan, we discover the countries with local transports along the magical Silk Road. The ancient caravan cities as Khiva, Bukkhara, Samarkand, […]

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