China, Beijing: how to visit Badaling Great Wall

A tour around China is not completed if you don’t visit the Great Wall. This  majestic defensive structure winds up and down  like a huge snake across mountains, deserts, grasslands, stretching for almost 21.000 km from east to west of […]

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China, Beijing: Juyongguan Great Wall

Juyongguan Pass is one of the three most famous passes along the Great Wall of China, the other two are Jiayuguan Pass and Shanhaiguan Pass.  Enlisted in the World Heritage site in 1987, it was considered in ancient times one […]

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China Itinerary

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Gorgeous experience that, in 27 days, crosses three amazing countries as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China: starting from Khiva in Uzbekistan, we discover the countries with local transports along the magical Silk Road. The ancient caravan cities as Khiva, Bukkhara, Samarkand, […]

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