Oman, Wahiba Sands dunes: a night in the desert

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Have you ever slept in the desert under the stars? How to get Wahiba Sands? What to do and what to see in the Omani Desert Most of Oman is covered by desert so during the trip around the country […]

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Senegal, Dakar: Goree island day trip

During your stay in Dakar, you can’t miss the visit of Goree Island, one of Senegal’s best known attractions and UNESCO World Heritage since 1978.  Situated only three kilometers from the coast, the Island was seized by the Portuguese, the […]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Doha

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Doha is not a famous destination as its neighbor Dubai, where the tourist go to explore the country having special experience between relax and fun but, if you have the chance to spend here some days for leisure, business or […]

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Senegal, Dakar: the pink water of Lake Retba

Lake Retba, is located just 50km away from the city of Dakar. The journey from Dakar to the lake takes about 1 hour and passes through Dakar’s beachfront Yoff quarter  before trailing along the Atlantic ocean and through the small […]

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Jordan, tips for visiting Petra

petra jordan

Petra, authentic jewel of Jordan Petra is the most known historical site of Jordan and one of the seven wonder of the ancient World. Built in the heart of Shara Mountain by Nabatean, it prospered between the 1st century BC […]

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Jordan, Wadi Rum: one day trip into the T.E. Lawrence Desert

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Wadi Rum may be best known for its connection with British officer T.E. Lawrence, who based his operations here during the Arab Revolt of 1916–18. In the 1980s one of the impressive rock formations in Wadi Rum was named “The […]

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Namibia, Solitaire: an apple pie in the middle of the desert

Namibia, Solitaire Moose McGregor Bakery

Have you ever thought to find a bakery in the middle of the desert? Many tourists use Solitaire as a stopover en route to or from Sesriem and the Sossusvlei. It is situated in a very sparsely populated area close […]

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Namibia, Spitzkoppe: the Mattherhorn of Africa.

Namibia, sunset at Spitzkoppe

Spitzkoppe is a spectacular group of boulder granite peaks in Namibia’s Pondok Mountains. The granite is over 700 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,784 meters above sea level. The peaks stand out in the surrounding flat plains […]

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