Jordan, visiting Dead Sea and Madaba: best things to do


How to get to Dead Sea?What to do once there? Driving south – west, just 60 km from Amman it’s worth a stop at Dead sea, the lowest point on earth, 392m below sea level. Its climate makes this lake […]

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Ethiopia, Timkat: experiencing the coptic epiphany in Lalibela

Timkat ceremony, Lalibela

Our trip through the Ethiopia follows moving in the central area to a fascinating and mysterious city sited at 2.700 meters above the sea level, Unesco World Heritage since 60s: Lalibela (Do you want to know more about Ethiopian Unesco Heritage?click […]

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Ethiopia, the different ethnic groups of the country

ceremony in gondar ethiopia

The Ethiopian population includes more than 80 different ethnic groups. The Oromo (or Galla) live in the central – southern area and they are the largest Ethiopian ethnic group (34.4%), the Amara, who live on the plateau north of Addis […]

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Armenia Itinerary

ancient church armenia

The Biblical tradition places the Garden of Eden in Armenia, cradle of Christianity enclosed by Caucasus mountains. Home of ancient academies, cities carved into the rock, historic churches surrounded by the mountains, Armenia will surprise you with its friendly people and […]

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Syria Itinerary

Syria Its hospitable people, crowded markets, ancient cities and world heritage sites make Syria one of the most interesting countries in the Middle East. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to travel through this beautiful country because of the conflict […]

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Turkey Itinerary

cappadocia view turkey

Turkey Great trip through the “door of the East” where you can breathe history everywhere. Important place in the past for Islam and Christianity, nowadays still important to connect two continents. We start from Istanbul, beautiful city full of charm divided […]

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Ethiopia Itinerary

gondar 40

This adventure requires adaptation and it is perfect for who wants to discover remote lands very far from the classic touristic route. This experience can offer a religious – cultural side visiting ancient churches retracing Salomon reign and the natural […]

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