Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park: one day an half through breathtaking landscapes

facing viewpoint of lake Novakovica

Coming from Krka National park, i get the Plitvice park entrance  around 9 a.m. and after parking the car, i’m ready for the exploration of this Croatian wonder. Starting from the entrance 1 there is a choice of 5 touristic […]

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South Africa, where to meet African Penguins

The African Penguins  were formerly called the ” jackass Penguin ” because of their donkey-like braying call. They breed on 25 islands and 3 mainland sites between Algoa Bay in South Africa and central Namibia and nowhere else in the […]

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South Africa, De Hoop Natural Reserve: the whales heaven

De Hoop Nature Reserve is a World Heritage site and offers the finest whale viewing in southern Africa. The marine protected area , that extends 5 kilometers out to sea, is one of the largest areas in Africa, providing a […]

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