Sudan Itinerary

On the tracks of the Black Pharaohs

Sudan is still a not tourist destination, but this incredible country boasts a rich thousand-years archaeological heritage that makes it incredibly fascinating. Taking a trip to Sudan means finding yourself catapulted into a pristine Africa, surrounded by ancient pyramids, desert landscapes, green and lush banks of the Nile, colourful markets and above all, a smiling and friendly population that will make your journey a unique experience. Our trip on the “track of the Black Pharaohs” starts from the bustling Khartoum and touches the most relevant attractions of the Nubian region, including the worldwide known Unesco Heritage site of Meroe.


1° Day: Khartoum (city tour)

2° Day: Khartoum (Al Morada fish market) – Al Dabbah (market) – Dongola

3° Day: Dongola – Kerma (archaeological site, museum) – Tombos (archaeological site) – Soleb (archaeological site)- Wawa

4° Day: Wawa – Gold Mines (quick stop) – Dongola – Nubian villages on the Nile east bankOld Dongola (archaeological site) – Karima (Merowe)

5° Day: Karima (Merowe) – El Kurru Necropolis (archaeological site) – Petrified forest – Al Ghazali monasteryNuri Necropolis (archaeological site) – Jebel Barkal (archaeological site/sunset on the top) – Karima (Merowe)

6° Day: Karima (Merowe) – Bayuda desert – Al Morawa well – Atbara (railway Museum/market) – Meroe (archaeological site at sunset)

7° Day: Meroe (archaeological site at sunrise) – Shendi marketMusawwarat Es Sufra (archaeological site) – Naqa (archaeological site) – Khartoum



  1. The country looks like very interesting! The video is amazing, well done! Could you recommend me a local tour operator?

    • Cristiano Reply

      Hi Alex, we travelled with Amal Tour and travel. It’s a very good local tour operator!

  2. I watched the video and was really exciting. Sudan is now on my list!

  3. Hi travelwithbrothers! I’d like to ask you what are the attractions not to be missed. I don’t know yet how long I ll be able to stay in Sudan and in case I wish to get the most of it. I can tell Meroe is stunning but looking at the video and pics you took , I really don’t know what to choose. Everything looks amazing!

    • Cristiano Reply

      Hello Jordan! Our 7 days itinerary is perfect to enjoy the most interesting attraction of Nubia. If you have only a very few days, I suggest visiting the only Karima and Meroe.

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