Senegal is a West African country with about 20 ethnic groups. The Wolofs are the majority (43.3% of the population) and they are located in the Centre West and in the urban areas; the Halpulaarens represent the second main group (23.8%).  The Toucouleurs and Peulhs need to be distinguished because they are mainly located in the Ferlo, in the Badiar and the High Casamance. The Sérères represent (14.7%) are located on the Petite-Côte and in the Sine-Saloum delta and there are some sub-groups: the Nduts, the Safènes and the Niominkas. The Diolas  (3.7%) are usually fishermen and rice growers located in the Basse-Casamance. Then Mandinka (4%) include the Malinké, the Sossé, the Bambara, the Dyula, the Yalunka and the Jakhanke. Finally we have Soninke (0.5%) and other peoples (10%). Most of the people of Senegal are muslim, a few Christians and others who still practice to their traditional religions.



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