Nacpan Beach travel information

Nacpan beach is our favourite beach and by far the most beautiful in the whole area of El Nido. It’s not included in any boat tour as it’s located on the mainland, about 45 minutes north from El Nido town. The beach is impressive, almost 3 kilometres of white sand fringed by palm trees and a clear blue sea. At the southernmost point of Nacpan beach, on the left side, you’ll find another curving stretch of white sand called Calitag beach. Nacpan and Calitag beach form the so-called “Twin beaches”.

El Nido, the north side of Nacpan beach

  • How to reach Nacpan beach

You can reach Nacpan from El Nido town by tuk-tuk, renting a scooter or catching the shuttle bus offered by some local tour operators (ticket is 350 PHP single trip, 600 PHP round trip). One of the local operators that provide the shuttle bus is Discover El Nido, located along Amboy street. The shuttle service run from 9 am to 6 pm from El Nido to Nacpan and from 8 am to 7 pm from Nacpan to El Nido with a ride almost every hour. It usually picks you up at your accommodation and drops you off in front of Sunmai Sunset restaurant in Nacpan beach. The ride by Shuttle service takes about 45 minutes, whereas the ride by tuk-tuk or by scooter takes almost 1 hour. Along the dirt road that leads to the beach, there is a booth where you have to pay 50 PHP (March 2020) for the entrance fee. Anyway, you can book the trip to Nacpan through your accommodation as well. Click here for more information.

  • Where to sleep in Nacpan beach

Nacpan beach offers a short range of accommodations, and it’s a good thing because you can enjoy this stunning beach without the crowd you find in El Nido. Here, you’ll find the Catian Beach ResortMad Monkey Hostel, Jack’s Place CottagesNacpan Beach Glamping, Angela’s InnMG Chateau HotelWhere2Next Nacpan, Calitang Beach Resort, Hammock Homestay and Danbal Bay View.

  • How to arrange El Nido boat tours and activities in Nacpan beach

You can conveniently organize your excursions from here through your accommodation or with the small tour agency located at the entrance of the road to the beach where you will have to pay the entrance ticket.

  • Nacpan beach services

The beach is well equipped with some restaurants, cafes and areas where to rent deckchairs and sunbeds. Our favourite restaurant is Sunmai Sunset restaurant, where you also find the art installation “I Love Nacpan Beach”. The restaurant is next to the shuttle service alighting point. You can also try Pier 1, Ruby’s, Kylas Cocina, Nacpan Beach Cafe, Ranchos beach, Marco’s Place and Fisherman’s.

El Nido, the south side of Nacpan beach

El Nido, the north side of Nacpan beach

El Nido, the clear sea in Nacpan beach


  1. Hoping to travel again soon, do you suggest staying in El Nido town or in Nacpan beach?

    • Cristiano Reply

      Hi Kevin! It depends on what you’d like to do. If you plan to have several boat tours, it’s better staying in El Nido town as it takes 1 hour to reach Nacpan. In case you decide to have a couple of boat tours and the other days only relax at the beach, Nacpan is the best choice. Enjoy!

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