The best neighbourhoods in Marrakech where to sleep

Marrakech is the fourth-largest city in Morocco, a mix of colours, folklore, perfumes, culture, interesting attractions, but also a hectic and, above all, chaotic city. It’s basically divided into two parts: the historic Medina, where the main attractions are located, and the modern district. The choice among the different neighbourhoods depends on your budget, your travel style and interests.

Top 4 areas where to find accommodation in Marrakech

1. Old Medina

The old Medina is the beating heart of Marrakech, a series of winding alleys and narrow streets where you can live the real culture of Morocco. Surrounded by high red walls, the medina encompasses two of the most interesting attractions of Marrakech: the folkloristic Jemaa el Fna square and the bustling labyrinthine souk, the biggest in Morocco. If you are visiting Marrakech for the first time, this district is the best choice, especially around Jemaa el Fna square, as it allows you to visit all the attractions on foot and enjoy the real slice of local life. The Medina is plenty of accommodations for any budget like hostels,  riad, guesthouses and hotel. It’s also the best place in town to taste the delicious street food, find cheap restaurants, shops selling everything and souvenir. Around Jemaa el Fna you can also enjoy rooftop bars/restaurants with an excellent view. Our favourite is Cafe Glacier, where you can sip a traditional mint tea enjoying the view on Jemaa el Fna square, and the restaurant L’Adresse, a perfect place with a rooftop terrace where to taste a succulent tagine.

We slept at Riad Venice (Derb el Kebir alley), located in an excellent position, only 10-minute on foot from Jemaa el Fna square. The owners are lovely, and they can also arrange guided tours of Marrakech and, in case, all the things you need. Moreover, if you want to experience a Hamman bath, just a 5-minute walk from this Riad, you’ll find the excellent Isis Spa Marrakech.

The Riad is a typical traditional home of Morocco. Riad means “garden”, which, in fact, represents the heart of the building around which the unique architecture of the structure develops. It’s usually a completely closed building without external views to ensure complete privacy, which is extremely important in Islamic culture. Many historic buildings have been transformed into amazing tourist accommodation, ready to welcome the tourists with their fantastic decor, decorations with geometric figures and multi-coloured arabesques and a garden or internal courtyard often enriched by fountains, plants and flowers.

Good accommodations in the Medina:

2. Kennaria quarter

For backpackers and all those who travel on a budget, the Kennaria quarter could be a perfect choice. This small neighbourhood lies within the Medina walls, a very few minutes on foot from Jemaa el Fna square. It features many hostels and affordable Riad, all within walking distance of Marrakech top attractions.

Accommodations in the Kennaria quarter:

3. Gueliz quarter

For all those who want to avoid the chaotic Medina, an excellent choice is the Gueliz quarter, also known as the “European quarter”, where you find high-end shops and fancy restaurants. Gueliz is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Marrakech and the right place for a night out as it also features a large number of bars and clubs where to sip a drink. Gueliz is only 3 km from Jemaa el Fna and is close to the city’s main attractions. You can catch a taxi or take a nice walk to get there. The main attractions in Gueliz are the Majorelle garden, the Royal Theatre, and the Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park. 

Accommodations in Gueliz quarter:

4. Hivernage quarter

Another good choice to avoid the crowded and chaotic medina is the Hivernage quarter, a chic and residential neighbourhood that features broad avenues lined with trees, high-class hotels, elegant restaurants, and trendy bars. Hivernage is a quiet quarter well located as it’s just outside the winding alleys of the old Medina and close to all the attractions of Marrakech. The quarter also boasts shopping malls, art galleries, and it’s plenty of sidewalk cafes and clubs where to enjoy the night.

Accommodations in the Hivernage quarter:

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