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Located only 1-hour ferry from Hong Kong across the Pearl River Delta, Macau is a small peninsula of 560,000 inhabitants, a Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China and one of the oldest European settlements in the Orient. Macau is a cultural melting pot of Chinese architecture and colonial charm that retains influences of its time as a Portuguese territory, but nowdays it’s most known for the casinos and extravagant shopping malls that have given it the nickname ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. Despite of that, it’s still interesting spend here a couple of days exploring its old history and Heritage sites.

Top 10 in Macau:

1- Discovering the Old District

The most famous spot is the the ruins of St. Pauls, a 16th-century complex originally including St. Paul’s College and the Cathedral of St. Paul, destroyed by fire in 1835. Nowadays the only remaining remembrance is the facade of the old Cathedral that  functions symbolically as an altar to the city. This site was officially inscribed in the World Heritage List in 2005. Others interesting spots are the Church of St Anthony, one of the oldest churches in Macau, the Old city wall ruins, a surviving segment of the city’s defence structures built as early as 1569, the Senado square, urban centre for centuries and still the most popular venue for public events and celebrations.

Ruins of St. Paul's, Macau
Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macau

2- Macau Temples

Macau is full of beautiful temples and you can see different kind of structure as Buddhist, Taoist and also folk faith with Buddha, Na Tcha, Tin Hau and many others. The city, once a small fishing village, hosts different religious faiths so it’s also interesting to discover its religious side.

A-Ma Temple, Macau
A-Ma Temple, Macau

3- Skyline view

Macau Tower is one of the world’s tallest observation towers with its 338 meters and it is the best place for a 360° view of the city. Once got the top, you can experience the Skywalk and take a stroll around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower.

Macau Tower view
Macau Tower view

4- Museums

If you are curious about Macau and its 400 years of history, don’t miss the several museums through the city. The most visited is around the Museum of Macau where you can learn more about history, culture and development of the city.

Macau Museum                                                   Macau Museum

5- Try your luck at a casino

If you are interested to gamble or not that’s not important because it is an “amazing show” so, if you are in Macau, you must do this experience. The “Las Vagas of the Far East” boasts more than 30 casinos located on the Macau Peninsula and Taipa Island and most of them are inside the world-class hotels. Once there, you will get why gambling tourism is the city’s biggest source.

Casino Lisboa, Macau
Casino Lisboa, Macau

6- Taste local food

Macau cuisine is intermixed with Portuguese, South Asian and Chinese flavors so don’t miss this opportunity and taste the tipical locals dishes like the egg tarts, the pork chop buns and serradura, the Bacalhau fried rice, the Arroz de Marisco, the prawn roe noodles or the crab congee.

Egg Tart in Macau
Egg Tart in Macau

7- Enjoy the nature

Full of beautiful spots, Macau offers different places for enjoying the nature like the Hac Sa Beach (black sand in cantonese), a natural area 1,350 meters long and popular location for water sports and star-gazing.

Hac Sa Beach Macau
Hac Sa Beach Macau

8- Live the Gran Prix race

Amazing street race circuit, Macau Grand Prix has been around for over 60 years and every November you can enjoy the festival atmosphere, whether or not you are a motor enthusiastic don’t miss it.

9- Walk along the Love Lane

The “Travessa da Paixao” or “Love Lane” is situated between Rua da San Paulo and Rua da Ressurreicao and it is 50 meter long. The meaning was intended to express the passion of Christ but for a mistake in translation has led to this humble laneway becoming a popular place for couple and movies shoots.

Love Lane, Macau
Love Lane, Macau

10- Buy a souvenir

Before leaving Macau, dont forget to go to Rua do Cunha, street located in Taipa and known as the “street food” by locals, where you can find some typical souvenirs for your family and friends as cakes, almond cookies, beef and pork jerky, egg rolls and much more.

Tips: Once you arrived at Macau International Airport, even there are taxi and public buses, the most convenient way to travel to your hotel is to take complimentary shuttle buses. Walk toward the north exit of the airport and walk out into the parking lot (Buses depart every 15-20 minutes between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m). For more info about timetable and cost, please check Macau International Airport

Where to sleep: I recommend you to look for your hotel in Taipa (Old Macau). There are many hotels and you can find a price to fit your pocket. Moreover Taipa is the best area where to start your trip visiting Macau.

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Travel to Macau from Hong Kong

If you want to reach Macau from Hong Kong, dont worry because it is very easy and well served. You can choose among different services

Turbojet from Hong Kong: Boats leave Hong Kong every 15 mins between 07:00 – 00:0o (for more info click here)

Sky Shuttle from Hong Kong: Helicopters leave Hong Kong every 30 mins between 09:00 – 23:00 (for more info click here).

By plane: Free shuttle bus service from the airport in Taipa where buses leave every 15 minutes between 11:00 – 21:00 to various casinos around Macau; Taxi; Public buses.

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