What to see and do in Jerash

Visiting the beautiful Roman city

Thinking about Jordan, it tends to praise the splendour of Petra, forgetting other places really unique and particular scattered along with the country, as in the case of Jerash, an ancient Roman city.

Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan
Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan

This archaeological site, located about 50 km north of Amman, was one of the most populated, and it’s still one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world and definitely one of the highlights of the Country.

Roman Theater in Jerash, Jordan
Roman Theater in Jerash, Jordan

Despite the various civilizations that had followed one another in this area, Jerash knew its biggest splendour during the Roman period. Nowadays, it is still possible to admire the majesty of the urbanization works created a long time ago by the Romans in the Middle Eastern provinces: triumphal arches, incredible paved streets with granite blocks worn out by chariots, the splendour of its still intact columns, marvellous theatres and big squares, the ruins of a church with mosaics, thermal baths and fountains.

Intact Roman Columns in Jerash, Jordan
Intact Roman Columns in Jerash, Jordan

All these well-conserved architectural masterpieces allow you to relive the magic atmosphere of that time and the history of one of the biggest and powerful empires of the ancient world. These ruins are imposing and impress the visitor who can participate every day at the Jerash Heritage Company‘s racetrack shows. Inside the big hippodrome, chariots and legionaries will bring you back once again in the past, involving you in the fight!

Roman Columns in Jerash, Jordan
Roman Columns in Jerash, Jordan
Need to know about Jerash

1. Entrance fees: 10 JD

2. Opening hours: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (during summer until 5 p.m.).

3. Official website: Jerash.


4. Where to sleep: Usually, the Roman site is visited during a day trip from Amman; Anyway, you’ll find a few accommodations in Jerash town as well.


5. How to get there: the site now lies on a modern highway that links Amman with the northern boundary of the Country towards Syria; the drive takes 50 minutes from Amman at a leisurely speed.

As you approach, after a corner of the highway, you are suddenly faced with a wonderful view of the ruins, with the Triumphal Arch in the foreground. On the other side of the highway lies the modern town of Jerash.

You can also take a taxi and ask the driver to wait for you once you get to the site (it take 2 hrs to complete the whole visit) or take a local minibus from Tabarbour Bus Station (several daily rides).

Another option is to ask your hotel reception if they arrange a daily trip heading to Jerash. Many tour operators offer different daily trips, including Ajloun Castel, Desert Castles, Umm Qais.

We recommend checking on Viator.com and GetYourGuide.com, two reliable web platforms where local operators advertise tours and activities.

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