Would you like to spend an unforgettable holiday enjoying pristine beaches and a colourful sea?

San Teodoro is a small town on the northeastern coast of Sardinia, well known for its pristine beaches and clear sea, a natural paradise for summer lovers. In the summer season, the small city centre, with its beautiful old church and characteristic buildings, turns into a vibrant place where tourists crowd the many modern open-air bars and restaurants. During the evening (from 5 pm), a market takes place along the city centre streets and alleys. You’ll find many stalls selling local products, souvenirs, traditional objects, costume jewellery and many artefacts. Last but not least, summer brings in San Teodoro many events like concerts, local festivals (called “sagre paesane”), and exhibitions. In the end, if you want to enjoy the best sea in Italy and have fun, come to San Teodoro!

Sardinia, San Teodoro
San Teodoro, la Cinta beach

Top 10 Beaches of San Teodoro

1. La Cinta beach    

La Cinta is one of the most famous beaches of Sardinia, and with its 4 kilometres of fine white sand and crystal clear shallow water, it’s one of the most sought after attractions on the east coast. During the windy days, this beach is also a perfect place for windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers. Right behind the long beach is the San Teodoro Lagoon, a must for nature lovers where, with a boat ride, it is possible to spot pink flamingos, coots, little terns, red herons and mallards who live undisturbed in these waters. The boat rides start from the lagoon along the SS125 road towards Olbia near the hamlet of Lu Fraili (unfortunately, at the moment, the boat service is not operating). Driving along the SS125 road, you’ll spot on your right side a small junction with a brown sign indicating “Stagno di  San Teodoro”.

A riding stable named “Maneggio La Cinta” (close to the beach’s parking lot) arranges tours around the lagoon and the seashore if you like horse riding.

Beach services: it’s well equipped with bathing establishments, bars, toilets, showers, dinghy boats and kayaks for rent. The beach is reachable in 15 minutes on foot from the city centre. Alternatively, you’ll find a fee-paying car park next to the beach.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

2. Isuledda beach

It is about 400 meters long, quiet beach in a beautiful natural environment with fine white sand and clear water reflecting amazing colours ranging from blue.

Beach services: small bars, umbrellas-deck chairs for rent. It’s 3 km from the city centre, drive on the SP1 road (San Teodoro – Agrustos), and you’ll find a junction on your left. The car park is in a dirt area, and it’s free of charge.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

3. Cala Brandinchi beach

It’s our favourite beach, and you’ll be amazed by it. It is located in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by pine trees, with its white sand and crystal clear shallow water reminds Polynesia it’s also known as “small Tahiti“. The beach is 1 km long but only a few meters wide. During the weekends and above all from mid-July and August it can be very crowded. Anyway, it is a spot not to be missed since its characteristics are known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

Beach services: Bars, toilet, showers, umbrellas-deck chairs for rent, dinghy boats and paddles for rent. The beach is 10 km from San Teodoro; driving on the SS125 road (San Teodoro – Olbia), you’ll find a junction on your right with a sign indicating “Capo Coda Cavallo” and “Cala Brandinchi“.

After 1 km, you’ll see a small building with an iron bar where you have to bring your ticket for the car park (it’s pretty expensive) and proceed on a dirt road for a bit. If you go straight, you’ll reach the south car park for Cala Brandinchi Beach and Lu Impostu Beach; if you turn left at some point, you’ll reach another car park next to “I Giardini bar“, on the north side of the beach (at the moment, the north side car park is closed).

Note: From 15 June 2022 to 15 September 2022 the beach will host a maximum of 1447 tourists x day. The customers of the bathing establishments are included, and children up to 5 years will not be counted. Reservation and payment will be made via Smartapp (currently not working yet). Those staying in a regular structure in the San Teodoro area will pay less.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

4. Lu Impostu beach

Next to Cala Brandinchi beach (south side), on Tavolara Island’s background, it’s a long beach with white sand dotted with juniper trees and bathed by a blue sea. Behind the beach lies a big pond linked to the sea through a small channel on the beach’s south side.

Beach services: bars, umbrellas-deck chairs for rent. The car park is the same as Cala Brandinchi. Alternatively, you can reach the beach following the signs to Puntaldia (the junction is on the right in the middle of Lu Fraili hamlet along the SS125 to Olbia). After a couple of kilometres, you’ll get to a small square facing the south side of the beach, where you’ll find a few fee-paying car parks.

Note: From 15 June 2022 to 15 September 2022 the beach will host a maximum of 3352 tourists x day. The customers of the bathing establishments are included, and children up to 5 years will not be counted. Reservation and payment will be made via Smartapp (currently not working yet). Those staying in a regular structure in the San Teodoro area will pay less.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

5. Salina Bamba beach

Salina Bamba Beach is located between Cala Brandinchi and Baia Salinedda in Capo Coda Cavallo, and it’s a long stretch of white sand characterised by shallow and sandy waters. Behind the beach, there is a salted water basin from which it owes its name, populated by numerous marine birds’ specimens.

Beach services: the beach is 11 km from San Teodoro, in front of Porto Coda Cavallo village and a few kilometres after Cala Brandinchi. There are bars and a mini-market in the small square of the village.

You have to leave your car in the Porto Coda Cavallo village car parks and proceed to the beach on foot for 10 minutes. Many people park their car along a dirt road next to the beach, but during the summer season is not allowed, you’ll be fined.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

6. Cala Suaraccia beach

This small beach with white sand and turquoise water, also known as “Farfalle beach“, is located in front of the islands of Tavolara and Molara, in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by dense vegetation.

Beach services: bar, toilet, umbrellas-deck chairs for rent, dinghy boats for rent, diving centre. It’s located along the Capo Coda Cavallo road, 3 km after Cala Brandinchi and 800 meters from Salina Bamba.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

7. Molara Island Natural Pools

Molara is a small island right in front of Cala Suaraccia, well known for its incredible sea. However, its southwestern part boasts a stretch of stunning turquoise and clear water surrounded by a deep blue colour renowned as “Natural Pools of Molara“.

If you have time, it’s worth renting a dinghy boat at Cala Suaraccia and spending a couple of hours here. Although Molara is a private Island, there’s a basic dock next to an old house that allows stopping at Cala del Pastore, where you’ll find a little sandy beach (close to the natural pools).

Sardinia, San Teodoro

8. Punta Est Beach

Set along Capo Coda Cavallo peninsula, this long and narrow beautiful beach is surrounded by dense vegetation of Mediterranean maquis, highlighted by the contrast between its golden sand and the turquoise blue of the limpid waters. Proceeding towards Punta Est Village, you can enjoy an incredible view.

Beach services: bar, umbrellas and deck chair for rent. This is the last beach along the Capo Coda Cavallo road. Only 500 meters after Cala Suaraccia, besides the tarred road (left side), you’ll find a dirt road with a chain where you have to pay a fee to access the beach. The dirt road to the beach is about 1 km long, and it lines the promontory offering a fantastic view.

San Teodoro, Punta Est beach

10. Cala Girgolu

The beach of Cala Girgolu is a stretch of ocher sand alternating with smooth pebbles,  bathed by an incredibly clear and limpid sea. Behind the beach is a big pond where it’s easy to spot different species of seabirds. On the right side of Cala Girgolu are small and hidden inlets surrounded by Mediterranean scrub light granite rock and a fantastic colourful sea. The most famous inlets are spiaggia delle Vacche and spiaggia della Tartaruga.

Beach services: fee-pay car park, bar, umbrellas and deck chair for rent. The dirt road to reach the car park is about 1 km long.

Sardinia, San Teodoro

Sardinia, San Teodoro


Need to Know about San Teodoro

1. When to go

The best period to visit San Teodoro is from June to September. But, if you don’t like the crowd, skip August. September is our favourite month because the weather is still lovely, and the beaches are quieter. However, if you’d like to enjoy the nightlife, the best months are July and August.

2. How to get there

San Teodoro is only 25 km from Olbia Costa Smeralda airport and 30 km from the Olbia harbour. Several daily flights from Milano Linate and Rome Fiumicino and low-cost company flights from several Italian cities and some European destinations like the UK, Germany, France, and Spain during the summer. 

Ferries run every day from Livorno, Genova and Civitavecchia harbours.

Once at the airport or the harbour, you’ll find long-distance buses heading to San Teodoro. You can download the smart app “Moovit for your smartphone and check your coach’s schedule. The alternative is to catch a taxi, but it’s pretty expensive.

3. Moving around

The best choice to move around is by car (or motorbike) as there are no public transports to reach the beaches. The vehicle allows you to visit San Teodoro and other beautiful beaches near Olbia, Costa Smeralda, Siniscola and Orosei without wasting time. The local buses are very few and link the towns only. Anyway, a pay-fee service, named Summer Beach bus, connects the town to its main beaches (see below). There is also a new bus service called “city bus” to move around the town and its hamlets. At the moment, the bus service offers only 2 routes and 8 daily rides.

If you don’t have your vehicle, you can rent it at Olbia Costa Smeralda airport or in San Teodoro, where you’ll find small rental car/scooter companies like SardaRent (via Nazionale, 34), Hobby Car (via Nazionale), Planet Car (via Nazionale), Tani’s Rent (borgo Traversa) and ST Rent (via Sardegna – also bikes). If you need a private transfer (24H), it’s possible to contact Autonoleggio Camuso (via Traversa, 33) or Giuliano Ventroni NCC (via Sardegna, 35)

Summer Beach Bus

San Teodoro offers a summer bus service that stops close to some of its most famous beaches despite the lack of public transportation. Departing from San Teodoro, it stops at La Cinta (stop 200 meters from the entrance to via Gramsci), Lu Impostu (stop 100 meters from the beach), Cala Brandinchi (stop 1200 meters from the beach), Porto Capo Coda Cavallo (stop 600 meters from Salina Bamba and about 850 meters from Cala Suaraccia). It usually runs from 9 am to 8 pm.

Single ride ticket (urban route) = € 2.00
Single ride ticket (on the whole route) = € 3.00
Day ticket = € 5.00.

Note: with the day ticket, hop on and off as often as you like throughout the day.

4-day pass = € 15.00
7-day pass = € 25.00

4. Where to sleep in San Teodoro

San Teodoro offers accommodation like campings, hotels, bed & breakfasts and houses for rent. Click here to see the accommodations list. If you don’t have a car, the best choice to stay in is the city centre because there are no local buses.

The most expensive month for finding accommodation is August whereas June and September are the cheapest.


5. Where to eat in San Teodoro

You’ll find a great choice of restaurants, pizzerias, and takeaway in the city centre. There are some “Agriturismo” in the surrounding, local farms managed by a family that offers Sardinia’s typical dishes.

Our favourite choices 

Click here to see the best restaurants in San Teodoro and the customers’ reviews.



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