The crystal clear sea in Lu Impostu beach 

Next to the beach of Cala Brandinchi (south side), with the backdrop of Tavolara Island, the long beach of Lu Impostu is characterized by white sand, dotted with junipers and mimosas and bathed by a clear blue sea. Behind the beach, there is a wide pond where it is easy to spot several species of seabirds, which is connected to the sea through a small channel at its southern end.

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How to reach Lu Impostu beach

The beach has two entrances. The first entrance is the same as Cala Brandichi beach; the second one is located very close to Puntaldia harbour (the junction is in the centre of Lu Fraili hamlet, along the SS125 from S. Teodoro to Olbia). Here, you will find a small square with paid parking spaces that overlooks the south side of the beach. Beach services: bar, umbrella and deckchair for rent.

lu impostu

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