Tips for Ijen Volcano tour

One of the most breathtaking hiking trails that you can do throughout Indonesia is to reach the “heart” of the Ijen Volcano in East Java Island.

The 200 meters deep crater that lies at an altitude of 2300 meters is breathtaking, and inside it, there is the most acid lake in the world with a fantastic colour that contrasts with the landscape itself.

the stunning sunrise on the top of Ijen volcano, Java island

It’s also famous because inside the crater, during the night (till 5 am), it’s possible to see a natural phenomenon known as “Blue Fire“, blue flames spewing out of the ground of sulfur mining area caused by activities sulfur gases coming out of the crater.

The crater lake, Ijen Volcano

Every day, many “sulfur extractors” go back and forth between the crater and the village doing mining operations with over 70 kg of minerals carried on their backs.

The sunrise from the top of the volcano is a magical moment not to be missed. When the wind pushes away the smoke of the sulfur gases and the clouds, the sun illuminates the crater showing up the stunning acid lake with its bright and beaming turquoise watercolour and the steep rim of the volcano, getting the impression to be at the origins of the world.

Sulfur miners at Ijen volcano, Java

About the trekking of Ijen Volcano

The hike departs from the parking lot at Paltuding gate, a 1-hour drive from the town of Banyuwangi. The length is around 3 km long (one-way) plus the short descent into the crater.

Since it’s mostly done to see the blue fire and the sunrise overlooking the crater, it starts in the dark of the night around 1/1.30 am (usually the gate open at this time) and takes about 2 hrs to reach the rim of the crater that lies at 2799 meters above sea level.

The path is safe and easy to follow (you need a headlamp), but it is challenging because it is steep, and you’d better be a bit fit. Once got the rim, the trail descends into the steep rocky crevices of the crater.

Ijen crater, Java

The crevice is a dangerous pile of loose rocks and stones without any protections that you must very carefully hike down. Above all, during the night surrounded by the dark, you have to calculate every step to avoid tripping or sliding down.

Another thing you should consider is that you need a gas mask once you reach the top because it is hard to breathe due to the toxic sulfur fumes that blow over you (you can rent your gas mask at the parking lot – Paltuding Entrance Gate).

At the parking lot, you’ll find many local guides (if you need them) that, for a fee, can lead you to the top and inside the crater (also providing the gas mask).

The path inside the crater, Ijen Volcano

  • What to bring

Warm clothes (we went there in August, and during the night, it was cold), good hike shoes, headlamps or flashlights (in case you can buy it at the car park) and remember the gas mask at the parking lot.

Bring some snacks and water (along the trail, a small house sells tea, coffee, water, and some snacks).

The rim of Ijen volcano, Java

How to arrange the hike

The base for all the activities around the area is the city of Banyuwangi (you can also stay in Bondowoso). Since the hike is “the must-do” of the area, the tour is offered everywhere you look through the town.

You can look at the local tour operators or your accommodation (usually a local guide is included). You can also book in advance online as many tour operators offer this trip, and it’s worth combining it with the other Majestic Bromo Volcano.

If you want to arrange by yourself asking just for a taxi or a car with a driver, the road from Banyuwangi to Mount Ijen takes approximately 1 hour. At the car park, there is the ticket office (ticket fee 12 USD). Usually, the tour starts from your accommodation around midnight.

Alternatively, the easiest way to arrange your hiking is to book through web platforms such as or, which provide exciting packages and deals.

Stunning view of the lake at dawn, Ijen Volcano
Stunning view of the lake at dawn, Ijen Volcano

Where to sleep

In Banyuwangi, you’ll find a wide range of accommodations, from homestay (around 6 USD – 10 USD) to guest houses and expensive hotels. We slept at Hotel Blambangan (about 30 USD x night), arranging the trip with them.

How to get there

If you are travelling from Bali, take the Gilimanuk ferry from West Bali to Ketapang in East Java, and from there, hired a taxi to the hotel in Banyuwangi (only 10 min). If you are travelling from West or Central Java, it depends on your tour. You can get there by bus (locally buy the ticket at the bus terminal or travel agencies) or train from Yogyakarta or Surabaya. The best website where you can find local transports and book your ticket is

On the rim with the gas mask at night, Ijen Volcano

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  • Blue Bird Taxi;
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The rim of Ijen Volcano, Java

Sulfur gases, Ijen Volcano

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  1. I’d like to visit Ijen in august, do you think the trek is hard to do?

    • Cristiano Reply

      Hi Osman! The trek is a bit challenging because the ascent is steep in some parts. Anyway it’s so so wonderful that’s worth the effort! Go visit Ijen and don’t be worried, you’ll get it!

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