The best areas where to stay in Athens

Tips for Athens neighbourhoods and accommodations

There are many neighbourhoods in Athens, all very interesting and fascinating, rich in history and particular in its way. The city offers a wide range of accommodations, from cheap hostels to luxury accommodations and choose the best one it depends on your needs and what you want to do.

If you are in Athens for tourism and you want to discover the ancient sites, the best choice is a central accommodation in Plaka or close to Syntagma Square, whereas if you’re going to have some relax on the beach or discover the Greek island, you should book your accommodation in Piraeus area.

Let’s see the best areas and hotels in Athens


One of the best choices for your holiday. Walking through its alleys for shopping or just relaxing at one of the thousands of restaurants and cafes along your way it is a must.

Located between Syntagma and Monastiraki Square, on the northeast slope of Acropolis, Plaka is the oldest neighbourhood of the city: it was one of the first areas in Athens to be inhabited, and the early settlement is thought to have been nearly 7000 years ago.

Its most famous street is Adrianou which is full of shops, restaurants, tavernas, cafes, markets and museum. This district is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Plaka is within walking distance to the Acropolis, Temple of Hephaestus, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Hadrian Arch and most of the ancient sites. In Plaka, you can also see different street artworks made by  Oré, Dimitris Taxis, Basek and many others.

Nearest metro stations: Acropolis, Syntagma and Monastiraki.

Recommended accommodations in Plaka area:

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Athens, the bustling streets of Plaka
Athens, the bustling streets of Plaka


Located between two Agorà and next to Hadrian’s library, Monastiraki is a very folkloristic area rich of history where you can see the Byzantine church, the Turkish Mosque and one of the oldest metro stations in Athens.

This area always had an important role during the ages being the commercial centre of the city. Nowadays it is still fascinating and crowded, especially on Sundays when the Flea Market takes place.

This neighbourhood is famous for its souvlaki restaurants, tavernas, wine bars and it is alive 24/7.

Nearest metro station: Monastiraki.

Recommended accommodations in Monastiraki area:

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Athens, Monastiraki square
Athens, Monastiraki square


Well, if you are looking for the real Greek life and you want to experience something typical, this is the right place. Once the old artisan quarter and one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city’s centre, Psiri is one of the best places where you can drink some ouzo or tsipouro accompanied by delicious mezedes.

People come here to get together in its typical bars and clubs so you can taste the local culture. It is full of restored mansions, bars, restaurants, cafes and it is hot nightlife spots.

Psiri is also known for street art, and walking through its narrow streets is fascinating because you can admire incredible murals created by artists like Vasmoulakis, Woozy or Blaqk.

Nearest metro station: Monastiraki.

Recommended accommodations in Psiri area:

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Athens, bars in Psiri
Athens, bars in Psiri


The name Syntagma means Constitution and, this Square that is the most famous square in Athens and all Greece has a long history: it seems every major event in Greece has either been mourned or celebrated here.

Don’t miss the visit of the Parliament, the tomb of the unknown soldier and Evzones, the elite soldiers who guard the grave and the Palace.

Syntagma is a very convenient location for visitors looking for where to stay in Athens because it is central neighbourhood and it is within walking distance to the main areas such as Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki, Psiri and even Kolonaki.

The main shopping streets branch from Syntagma Square, especially Ermou street which links the Square with the oldest quarters of the city, and it’s plenty of upscale hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Nearest metro station: Syntagma, Acropolis, Panepistimio, X95 bus to the airport (on the right side of the square).

Recommended accommodations in Syntagma area:

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Athens, Syntagma square at night
Athens, Syntagma square at night


The district stretches out from Syntagma square to the foot of Lycabettus hill, the highest point of Athens. Close to the Benaki Museum, beside National Gardens, Kolonaki is one of the Athens’ oldest neighbourhood as well as one of the most elegant in central Athens: with neoclassical and modernist buildings,  Kolonaki is full of restaurants and stores.

Kolonaki is renewed not only for its restaurants and terraces but also for its shopping streets where you can find high-level boutiques and top Greek designers. There are no new constructions here, so the hotels and apartments are typically quite old, but Kolonaki is an excellent place if you are looking for quiet, shopping and sightseeing (Kolonaki is around 15 minutes walk from Syntagma square).

Nearest metro station: Evangelismos, Syntagma.

Recommended accommodations in Kolonaki area:

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Athens, Kolonaki
Athens, Kolonaki


Located within the Athens urban area, around 12 kilometres southwest from the city centre, Piraeus is the main port of Athens and the largest port in Greece.

Piraeus, which is made up of three separate harbours, is worth a visit. The Bay of Zea and Mikrolimano are authentic areas where you can enjoy the sea, history as well as a great fresh fish meal.

If you are in Athens for a few days and you want to visit the city, then it is better to choose an accommodation in the city centre. If you are planning to discover the Greek Islands, so you have to get the ferry and Piraeus is a right place where to sleep.

Nearest metro station: Piraeus.

Recommended accommodations in the Piraeus area:

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Athens, view on Piraeus
Athens, view on Piraeus

7) Where to Avoid staying in Athens

So as for any other city, there are some areas you should avoid sleeping, even you will find excellent deals, or they are central quarters. Generally, the safety around Athens is excellent, but be vigilant as you are in any other city. In our opinion, you should avoid booking your hotel in a neighbourhood such as Omonoia, Metaxourgeio and near Larissis Station. These three neighbourhoods are central, but they are not that safe at night.



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