The Ethiopian population includes more than 80 different ethnic groups. The Oromo (or Galla) live in the central – southern area and they are the largest Ethiopian ethnic group (34.4%), the Amara, who live on the plateau north of Addis Ababa (27.0%) and then the Tigrini, located in the north of the country (6.22% ).

Other important ethnic groups: the Sidamo, residing mainly in the south-western regions (4.00%), the Guraghé in the south-west (2.52%), the Welayta (2.27%), the Danachiles located in the semi-desert plains of the north-eastern part (Dancali or Afar, 1.73%), the Hadiya (1.72%), the Gamo (1.49%) and others 12.6%, including the Somalis allocated to the east in the region Ogaden, the Shankella (6%), and the Nilotic (the Nuer and others).

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