• Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island is one of Dubai’s artificial islands, a real neighbourhood with spectacular views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf. Open to the public in 2018, Bluewaters offers residential, commercial, and accommodation facilities and attractions for tourists. The central area of the island, known as “The Wharf“, boasts over 130 shops (including the famous brands), fancy restaurants and trendy lounges, fast food, ice cream parlours and cafes where you can enjoy the night. One of the best-known restaurants is “The London Project“, a trendy place offering British cuisine and fantastic cocktails. The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxing, and its interior is embellished with various lush plants to make it look like a botanical garden.

Dubai, BluewatersThe thing that struck us most about Bluewater is the palm trees along the “The Wharf” area, which in the evening are illuminated, creating fantastic games of light. If you have visited Garden by the Bay in Singapore, you will notice a vague resemblance between the Bluewaters palms and the Supertrees of Singapore’s most famous garden. Dubai is well known for reproducing attractions of other countries and building up to them even more spectacularly.

  •  Ain Dubai panoramic wheel

Among these attractions, a huge panoramic wheel could not be missing! Bluewaters hosts the Ain Dubai, the largest and tallest panoramic wheel in the world. With its 250 meters, this wheel offers a unique 360° view of the iconic Dubai skyline. To understand how the Emirs do things big, think that the second tallest wheel in the world is in New York on Staten Island with its 190 meters. The scenic ride takes around 40 minutes, and the Ain Dubai also has luxurious (and expensive) cabins to enjoy the view while sipping a drink.

Dubai, Bluewaters

  • Hotel and Bars in Bluewaters

Among the luxurious hotels on the island, Bluewaters hosts the Ceasar Palace Hotel, the only one in the world in addition to the famous one in Las Vegas. The hotel boasts swimming pools, an exclusive Spa and several restaurants, such as Hell’s Kitchen, by renowned international chef Gordon Ramsey. Another popular spot in Bluewaters is the trendy Cove Beach club, perfect for sipping a drink while waiting for the sunset. It has a restaurant to enjoy fresh fish, a lounge, three swimming pools, and a beautiful beach bathed by the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. The beach club is particularly lively on weekends when tourists and locals come here for fun.

Dubai, Bluewaters

Bluewaters is also a perfect place to take a long and relaxing evening stroll. The Wharf is connected to the bustling The Beach promenade and Dubai Marina via a 300-meter long pedestrian bridge.

In short, if you are in Dubai, don’t miss Bluewaters Island!

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