Visiting Vernazza and Monterosso

Going down the railway station steps, we start walking along the main street of Vernazza. This village is perched on a charming cliff, rich of history and it was already important around the XII century, during the Maritime Republic period.

Vernazza harbour view

Once reached the tiny harbour, the only natural harbour of Cinque Terre, the view is amazing. The small square in front of the sea is enclosed by the pastel-coloured houses and on the old church of “Santa Margherita”, perched on the seashore. After visiting the church, it’s time to swim!!!! It’s very hot now and the right moment to jump into the water. We spend 1 hour floating in the clear sea, then, after a short rest under the sun, we go straight to the restaurant, where we can enjoy tasty seafood and the famous “Sciacchetrà”, a strong sweet wine produced here.

Vernazza main street

Our trip in Vernazza goes on with “Doria Castle”, with its tower dated XI century, then, throughout the narrow alleys, walking along the “blue path” to Monterosso. If you want to have a look along the path and take the most amazing pics of Vernazza, you have to walk on the main street till you get to the pharmacy. Here, right in front of it, there’s an alley by the name “Via E. Vernazza”, take it and go straight.

Monterosso clocktower

Our day trip ends in Monterosso, with its colourful houses, narrow alleys, the ruins of “Obertengo Castle” and above all its long beach where you can enjoy a swim and rest under the sun. Going out of the train station, there is a long beach. We first decide to visit the village: walking on the left, following the road, we get to the village centre. After a stroll around the square, the alleys and the ruins of the castle we jump into the sea taking our rest after a long, tiring but amazing day! See you Cinque Terre!

Monterosso street
Monterosso beach

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