Uganda Itinerary

silverback gorilla congo

Uganda This adventure is a great experience through rich deep forests and amazing people who suffered a long civil wars. This unknown area can offer many things including  one of the most beautiful experience in a life: the gorillas trekking. […]

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U.A.E. Itinerary

Madinat Jumerirah, Dubai

U.A.E Usually when we talk about United Arab Emirates people think always about the most known cities as Dubai for its entertainment or Abu Dhabi for its Gran Prix and riches, but in this country you can find also history […]

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Jordan Itinerary

Wadi Rum desert view, Jordan

JORDAN Inhabited deserts by nomadic bedouin, Petra jordanian jewel and one of the wonders in the world, important archaeological places, castles and ancient cities, red sea, dead sea and much more: in Jordan you can find all this diversity for […]

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India Itinerary

gujarat india

Gujarat India is one of the biggest country in the world and discover this amazing place it takes long time: any region has spectacular mix of people, traditions and landscapes as you were in different country. Here we start from […]

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Syria Itinerary

Syria Its hospitable people, crowded markets, ancient cities and world heritage sites make Syria one of the most interesting countries in the Middle East. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to travel through this beautiful country because of the conflict […]

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Qatar Itinerary

souk waqif doha

In a few days you’ll discover an interesting country that offers interesting spots like Doha with its crowded souq, its financial district with the amazing skyline, its Museums and cultural center or the southern qatari desert witha 4×4 vehicle tour  […]

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Rwanda Itinerary

Rwanda is a charming east african country surrounded by deep forests which after long years of civil war now it is relatively safe and accessible. Here you can enjoy the nature, the rich diversity of the place, the warmth of its people and […]

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Tanzania Itinerary

Tanzania is a real paradise where you can have a great experience far from the cities and the traffic. Breathtaking sceneries and wild territories give you an amazing feelings during which the traveler can enjoy many things as safari through […]

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Turkey Itinerary

cappadocia view turkey

Turkey Great trip through the “door of the East” where you can breathe history everywhere. Important place in the past for Islam and Christianity, nowadays still important to connect two continents. We start from Istanbul, beautiful city full of charm divided […]

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