Indonesia, Java Island: how to climb Ijen Volcano

Tips for Ijen Volcano tour One of the most breathtaking hiking that you can do throughout Indonesia, it’s to get to the “heart” of Ijen Volcano in East Java Island. The 200 meters deep crater that lies at an altitude […]

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China, Fenghuang Old Town: over 300 years of history

Fenghuang old town, China

Is Fenghuang the most beautiful town in China? Hunan Province – The old town of Fenghuang, literally means Phoenix Ancient Town and claimed to be “the most beautiful city of China“, was built around 1700 during the 43-year reign of […]

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Macau, Top 10 things to do

casinos view macau

Macau and its mix of Chinese architecture and colonial charm Located only 1-hour ferry from Hong Kong across the Pearl River Delta, Macau is a small peninsula of 560,000 inhabitants, a Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China […]

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Myanmar, Inle lake: colorful markets and floating villages

IMG 5615 copia 3

What to see and do on the beautiful Inle Lake It is one of the most spectacular destinations and features of Myanmar. It is a must for visitors who come to the country and want to experience some days in […]

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Thailand, Phi Phi Islands and their white sand beaches

A relaxing holiday in the stunning sea of Phi Phi Islands Wha to see and do in Phi Phi Island When we talk about the fantastic sea of Thailand, the first place which we think about is the Phi Phi Islands. […]

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Malaysia, Penang Island: street art in George Town

An interesting tour through the street art of Penang George Town is not only famous for its historical site but also for street art. In 2008, the British colonial historic centre of George Town was registered in the UNESCO World […]

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Indonesia, Flores Island and its wonders: what to see

Best attractions of Flores Island Flores Island, located in the eastern Indonesian Archipelago, is most well-known for Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site where you can meet the worldwide known Komodo Dragons. After I visited the beautiful islands of […]

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China, Beijing: how to visit Badaling Great Wall

A tour around China is not completed if you don’t visit the Great Wall. This  majestic defensive structure winds up and down  like a huge snake across mountains, deserts, grasslands, stretching for almost 21.000 km from east to west of […]

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Singapore and its attractions: what to see and do in the city

The ultimate guide to visiting Singapore How to spend a day around the city The bus from Melaka drop me off in City plaza bus point, then on Gelang road I immediately catch a local bus to reach the Victoria hotel, […]

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China, Dehang: a charming Miao Ethnic Minority Village

img 7310 copia 3

Hiking trails in the old Dehang village through lush nature and karst peaks Dehang Miao village lies in Aizhai Township which is about 20km away from Jishou City, capital of Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in Hunan Province. Dehang […]

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