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Our name is Cristiano and Nicolò, two brothers from Italy with a great passion for traveling. We would like to share with you our experiences around the world trying to give you useful information, tips to travel better, cheaper, and also showing pics.

Every place, restaurant, accommodation or attraction has been personally visited by us and we pay our own way.

We always sleep in budget accommodations or campsites, use local transports or local tour operators and enjoy the food eating in restaurants  and street food market stalls with local people.

Dubai desert, UAE
Syria, Krak des Chevaliers
Syria, Krak des Chevaliers

Cristiano: grown up in Italy, along the beautiful rugged coast of Liguria, I started travelling around Europe in 1997. My first trip was in Prague with friends taking a night train to get there and having a beautiful experience when Europe was still with the borders control. Since that moment I was hooked on travel. All I wanted to do was to see more of the world, meet new friends, discover the history, customs and traditions around the five continents. In 2005 I had my first journey beyond Europe with my brother visiting Egypt with its interesting and old fascinating history. My passion brought me to London where I lived and worked for more than 1 year before going back to Italy, in the fantastic Sardinia where I’m currently working as a Police Officer. In 2012, I also started working as a tour leader, arranging trips and leading groups around the world. In my long travel experience, more than 20 years and 70 countries, I was very lucky because I was able to visit amazing places like Syria, Yemen and Mali, places where now, due to dangerous situation that is striking the areas, is no longer possible to go.

Dallol spring - Danakil depression , Ethiopia
Dallol spring- Danakil depression, Ethiopia
Dubai boat cruise, UAE
Dubai boat cruise, UAE

Nicolò: born and bred in Liguria, after finishing high school, I studied Arabic philology at University. During my learning, I moved to Yemen where I spent 2 years in the capital city Sana studying Arabic language and the local dialect. Finished this interesting experience that I’m still keeping in my heart, I moved to Spain where at Granada University I got a degree in Arabic philology and foreign languages. In those years, I had another amazing life experience living and studying in Jordan at Amman university improving my Arabic knowledge. During my stay in Jordan, I also visited Syria and its world heritage sites, now in danger for the civil war that strikes the area. All these experiences where I joined different cultures and met fantastic people,  brought me to learn more about foreign countries and their traditions. I worked as a translator, cultural mediator and now I’m trading in garments production. I’ve been travelling around the world for 15 years visiting more than 50 countries and at the moment I divide my life among Italy, China for my job and the thing that I love most: backpacking!

Bagan, Myanmar


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